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Last updated 16 August 2014

Occupy This (Occupy That)

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"You're telling everyone you know that the whole thing's a joke.
Convincing yourself that the system must be broke 'cause you're losing."
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Barrellfish website


My creativity was manifested for 4 years in the original rock band Barrellfish. We were gigging around Brisbane and published four albums "Bravo Sierra","Six Degrees","Shot from the Grave"and"5% Ratbag" on iTunes. The band imploded in 2014. That's rock'n'roll.

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GRAHAM GORRIE: Mark on the Stage

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Check out my T shirt shop with original designs by me. Yes, that's right - me.


YouTube Video "Make a big table"

YouTube video for pet dog - Monkey Rabbit.

Special features include an original theme song and Japanese subtitles.

Video clip of "Strange Land".

Performed on a virtual B&W TV.

Video clip of "Mark on the Stage".

A new version of the film footage of Nepal 2008.